Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye Teen Years

The best way to spend your birthday is dim sum with the family; lots of delicious food, lots of goofy pictures, and lots of uncontrollable laughter.

let's not forget coconut covered red bean mice nomnomnom

p.s. Happy Mother's Day Mommy! <3


Amee said...

Oh how I LOVE dim sum. Mmm that looks so good! Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it :) I work at a boutique called Hemline. Have you heard of it?

miss a. said...

Oooo, those look delish! Is the red bean on the inside? Is this a fried dish?

denise said...

oooo im hoping to go dimsum on sunday with my mom too ;D
did you take that pic???

Little Bow Prep said...

Thank you for commenting on my blot!

I'm quite a GG fan- both of the books and of the TV series. I didn’t get a chance to watch the season finale. I had a few papers to write. I did get to see clips during lunch today though via friends’ computers :)

As for college- I’m currently a high school junior, so I haven’t been accepted to college yet.

tis serendipity said...

MMMMMMMMM!! oh man that actually sounds super good ;p haha looks a little scary though! Funny shape it has...

Btw, I really really love the most recent post you did. The suggestions for success one. I think I may just print it out to put on my wall ;p It just makes such great sense. (not sure why i couldn't comment on that post directly!)

Couture Carrie said...

Love the advice above too, especially # 8!


irene said...

thank you! i am studying textiles design right's a lot of work but i love it! love you blog xxx

Sally Alexia said...

hehe i love your suggestions for success.. for some reason i can't comment on that post though! anyway, thanks for ur comments and yea i'm a little part brit.

Poster Girl said...

Hi, in response to you question about the Tracy Feith for Target bloomers, I'm usually a size 3 or 5,and I like my shorts to be roomy, so I bought a 5 and I think they're pretty true to size.

Alice said...

omg i don't know what those are but they look good!
mm, i love red bean.

Patricia Ann said...

To respond to your 'Fork in the Road' entry.

I think you should just post whatever you want. Everyone will always find a way to connect to you no matter if it's fashion that you post or something about your life. :) Another tip is to post on a regular basis. It gets people coming back.

Hopefully you figured it out since I just realized this was written in May. :)

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